Almost 35 years have passed since June 6, 1986, when we opened our company’s first office in Loano at 45 Gazzi Street. It was called Delight Bakery, and Mary and I were little more than kids. I was 20 and she was 18.

A lot has happened since that day; two daughters, Simona and Syria, have arrived. The move to Vicoforte and then the transformation from just a pastry shop to an artisanal Chocolate factory. The first Bean To Bar, when people still didn’t know what it meant. When colleagues laughed at our choices. No matter it takes courage, and we have never lacked that.

Now Into our family has come Orlando, Simona’s husband, a willing boy, who is in charge of production, and my little jewels Leonardo and Michelangelo have arrived. So much excitement, and we are just at the beginning.

Now for this occasion I thought I would create this special Dove. And I dedicated it to ” Mary” my bride and partner at work.

For this Colomba I chose the most precious ingredients in the world; Flour from domestic stone-ground grains, Fresh Buffalo Butter from Moris Farm in Caraglio. Sicilian Pistachios and Almonds, dehydrated and candied Peveragno Raspberries, and I topped it with White Chocolate made by me with fresh Buffalo milk. Only passion and expertise have been added to this marvel of ingredients for a Masterpiece of Taste.

I wanted to experiment with a new production process, four renewals of low-acid Mother Yeast and then three doughs and an emulsion. To achieve a dense but soft mesh, sweet but not excessive and not at all sour. A scent of flaky cocoa butter and only Madagascar vanilla pods to give a gentle character to the dough. All that remains is to try it out. But I only planned 35 and 16 I have already made and sold, the next mix I make tomorrow and send them out Monday, March 29 for delivery on Tuesday, March 30. Hurry if you want to taste one is the only chance

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