An online course for Conscious Consumers?

It has been a few weeks since the start of my online Video Course “Conscious Chocolatier.” Some participants were for real chocolatiers and some enrolled in the “Chocolate Profession” course. Many who enrolled in the course, however, were Consumers, and several complimented the depth and abundance of advice given to participants during the course. However, some participants, those who were a little bit more demanding, pointed out to me that it would have been great if I had addressed the thousands of consumers, that is, those who buy Chocolate every day and whose choices make the success of this or that product or company.

I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, actually I’ve been very reluctant, writing and teaching consumers how to choose chocolate is a bit like telling them they’ve been Lied so far! Telling anecdotes or suggestions about what to do, perhaps giving the idea of being an arrogant person who thinks he is the only one with the solution.

I am Silvio Bessone and I have been involved in food, especially Chocolate, for 40 years. I have a degree in Culinary Science from Jean Monnet in Brussels, and I am the scientific head of the Fine Cocoa Reserch Institute (USA) and have taught in various capacities in several cooking and pastry schools, in Italy and abroad. I have also lectured on Bioethics for the University of Taste in Pollenzo. For years I have been following Ethical projects all over the World from Sri Lanka after the terrible Tsunami or in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Tanzania Uganda, Costa Rica, Colombia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Sao Tome and also in Ivory Coast.

This week Paolo Massobrio’s Golosario quoted me as I am, which explains well why I decided to accept my readers’ suggestion.

Conscious consumer

As you can see, I have gained some experience and which may give me the authority to make some good online suggestions to my clients and to all those who are looking for Good, Healthy, Safe, Fair and Sustainable!

Regarding this I founded back in 2015 FIVE, a cultural association (a group of friends with fine heads and big hearts and selfish bellies) online. The path I have taken both professionally and scientifically has led me to meet so many people, but too many times I have found myself acting as a rubber band and seeing or hearing about facts that if the right hand had dialogued with the left hand they could have washed their faces faster!

A funny metaphor but still relevant and today more than ever, those who know me know that I am a weight person, my kilograms denounce well my tendency to savor how many good things God has made available to us, but the real secret is to eat well, but healthy things!

As I traveled the world, I realized that too often for strictly economic reasons, people are not hesitant to feed people junk food, but the often unsuspecting consumer relies on mere valid acronyms and almost never delves as deeply as necessary to know what he is putting in his mouth. Therefore, I originated a simple yet effective organization as tomorrow’s market is based on 5 basic principles. Products for sale must be:

GOOD, a condition without which no other recognition has no interest.

HEALTHY, everything we eat or wear or use must do good for us and the people who share our enjoyment of it.

SAFE, no supply chain can be controlled unless it is based on a solidarity pact, but to ensure that this happens it must be constantly monitored.

RIGHT, no actor in the supply chain should be exploited as much the farmer who grew it as the artisan who processed it but neither should the one who ultimately consumes it.

SUSTAINABLE, none of these factors can ignore the fact that the environment is our container and as such must be respected.

Starting with these 5 simple elements we can throw out the rules for a new World Order in the market.

Online course for conscious consumers

The project may seem a tad ambitious, sure! but how does one improve the World if not with ambitious projects? I know of no better way to go far than to see far, and distance should be measured not only by meter but also by time, as is done with cosmic distances.

Over the years, where I have promoted my passion, I have met many people who have been moved and encouraged me to go forward, to challenge this spherical world and try to do something. Some also promised me cultural help others financial but a great many moral support and so after throwing the foundation of my morality well I decided to start such a project.

The turning point

From which area could I start?

From the Chocolate Obvious!

Well now I have decided to let you all participate, if you believe that all together we can do something, I believe! I was convinced to make a Revolutionary and Free course.

If you are interested you will only have to leave me your email and name so I can reply to you if you write to me and nothing else!

Sign up for the course for FREE now!

I want to get a number of at least 15,000 people to belong to this community, and then you will see that many people will believe in the miracle of change. Change can be made, but it must be done by changing from the bottom up-that is, from us consumers of the world’s emotions.

In a few days the video course Sign up will start the number is limited the platform can only accommodate a few hundred and being Free they will sell out in a short time. I remind you that it is absolutely FREE nocredit card needed just your desire to be part of a great international movement for the betterment of Chocolate and Food in general

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Silvio Bessone