CioccoliAMOci by Bessone: Gianduja of the Hills – An Encounter between Hazelnuts and Vanuatu Cocoa

In every shade of chocolate lies a story, and each bar is a chapter of this fascinating story. From my “CioccoliAMOci” line, I am excited to present my latest creation: the Gianduja of our hills, a symphony of hazelnuts and cocoa, with a special touch from the Vanuatu Islands.

Hazelnuts from Our Hills: The hills of our land are custodians of precious treasures: hazelnuts. These little gems, which I personally select and shell, give Gianduja an unmistakable crunchiness and flavor, enveloping the palate in a dance of authentic flavors.

Vanuatu’s Exotic Cacao: In addition to our beloved hills, my journey in search of perfection led me to the Vanuatu Islands, where I discovered a cacao of rare intensity and character. This cocoa, combined with our hazelnuts, creates a flavor embrace between the exotic and the familiar.

A Delicate Dairy Balance: Gianduja is a symphony of balances. I chose the best low-lactose milk powder and cream to offer enveloping softness, yet gentle for those with special needs. And, of course, with less sugar, maintaining our commitment to quality and health.

Bessone’s Invitation: Inside the “CioccoliAMOci” line, each creation speaks of my love for the art of chocolate. With this Gianduja, I invite you to immerse yourself in a journey of flavor and tradition, where our hazelnuts meet the mysterious cocoa of Vanuatu.


Cocoa Butter, Hazelnut, Cocoa Mass, Milk Protein, Cream Powder, Bulking Agent: Polydextrose, Sweeteners: Erythritol, Sucralose, Inulin, Fructose, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Vanilla Extract.

“with sweetener(s)”

Contains allergens: soy, nuts, Milk and milk products- May contain traces of other nuts

Net weight of tablets: 75 gr

To be consumed pref within twelve months from the date of production-Batch.

Store in a cool (<20 C°) and dry place away from heat sources

Nutritional Values

Produced by SB Cioccolato srl Via Bagetti 11 10143 Turin, in the laboratory of Bessone Silvio Via f. Gallo 19 12080 Vicoforte CN

Paper outer packaging, recyclable.

Plastic recyclable PVC inner protective wrapping