Every time you buy or give a useless thing you harm yourself and the environment!

Have you ever thought about how much crap is put as surprises in Easter eggs every year? Plastic chinooks without the slightest value! Ruminate! that children under 36 months are not allowed to touch and that those older than that would be best avoided. I decided not to put any more! Eye I with minor exceptions never put them on. This year at Easter I am putting a CACAO TREE in the eggs! Yes a tree! Using blokchain technology in each Egg I will put the certificate of adoption of a cocoa tree. One of the 9000 that my friend Massimilian Pincay selected in the “ARRIBA” highlands of Ecuador. And then I put a seed in there, one of the seeds that he collected from those very trees. And I will put the surprise in a Dark Chocolate Egg, which I made today, with the same cocoa as Maximilian. Saturday night, when I told him, he was crying! I promised him that I will raise €20,000 that will be used to support the planting of 23,000 more trees. Extraordinary! Able to produce fantastic cocoa, able to generate much joy and OXYGEN! Does it seem little? Tell me what you think! And if you want to buy an Egg with no BS! But full of HOPE! I do something for the earth! Which is the only planet that has Cocoa. If you think it’s worth it and you have people you care about who deserve more, then do it DIFFERENTLY this year! Give them an egg with a tree in it!

A Tree that bears fruit.

Special chocolate eggs

Today I am producing a 200 kg batch of 72% Dark Chocolate made with cocoa from Ecuador and exactly produced by my friend Massimiliano Pincay, we spoke on the phone last night and he is enthusiastic about having his cocoa plants adopted. He has 9,000 of them and he personally planted them, in an area that was earmarked for growing genetically modified cocoa, but he resisted, personally selected the best cocoa plants from “Arriba” or the mountains, and tended and reproduced them with the love of a father. I have already adopted 2,000 of his plants and am thrilled to have done so. At the time I decided to do this their value was €15 per plant, now they are worth €25 but as soon as they are exchangeable and the Environment White certificates become available their value will reach well over €50. Incredible to support the environment and make money and lots of it, all with the knowledge that you have taken an important step toward a better world and a Better Chocolate.

But it doesn’t end there! Think
that each tree yields an annual coupon of up to 10 percent of its

If you are interested we have
intended for the customers of the Chocolate Inn 100 trees, and if you want you can have them
One, as early as this Easter.

But since I love Milk Chocolate and I make it myself, with milk from my cows, we will make a limited run of it with milk as well.