Finally after years of work, the first Italian online course for chocolate professionals is finally ready.

Many friends and colleagues asked me to share this knowledge of mine with them; I was reluctant to want to put the fruit of many years of work out there. Actually over the years I have often been robbed of some of my insights and even mocked for my revolutionary ideas.

When I decided to make the Chocolate Maker I was totally against the trend, the last Italian factories had just closed down the toasters and converted to melting chocolate instead of making it.

Too many businesses were failing because they were not competitive and people were becoming more and more massified. The big industries engulfed the small ones, and the small ones disappeared or turned their old machines into mere relics. I remember Venchi putting a beautiful Molazze in the garden with flowers to promote the Robilante factory.

Taking that path for me was inevitable! I wanted at all costs to travel backwards down the road of abandonment to the origins. Now I see with immense pleasure that more and more people wish to travel that Strata as I do, and so despite all qualms, I decided to make these courses public

Some of the material I published for free and collected in these two e-books that you can also download now

Download the ebook Chocolatier Coinsapevole for Free.

The other part, i.e., the content of the LIVE course that I have been conducting for 3 years at ICIF and which takes place in 4 weeks at a cost of €5,000, I decided to put it in a convenient format, i.e., in a way that everyone could follow it without losing work and too much money, directly from his or her home.

Of course having a teacher by your side, following you every day directly is better, but how much does it cost? To you if you pay for it and to him if he does it for free. Learning a trade really involves a lot of sacrifice, and finding a job where they teach you unconditionally is very difficult. Often during internships they just make you wash molds or something like that and they don’t teach you much so how should you do it?

If you show up and look for work, everyone wants you to have experience! Of course, teaching really costs a lot of money and NO ONE is willing to waste their time for free… So I thought: whatever your knowledge status was now you could have increased your knowledge to become relevant for your eventual employment.

You know that businesses are NOT looking for employees or even workers! But people tosolve problems! And only if you have enough knowledge can you be a good fit for them. That’s why I chose to do a major part online, which you can enjoy right from your home, continuing to do the work you are doing or using your available time if you are still looking for work.

If, on the other hand, you are a professional and work on the edge of Chocolate then my course is perfect for you! You can continue doing your work and each week increase your knowledge and skills, then at the end of the course decide what to do. Whether to do a free 2-month internship or embark on your own path in your own company.

How the Online Course is conducted:

The course is divided into four phases of a method I called C.R.E.A.

That is,

Know At the basis of Awareness is KNOWLEDGE! The basis for being able to understand how to make a difference in the world of Chocolate. Cocoa is a WORLD of anecdotes and traditions. A mixture of magic and suffering. Only by getting into the depths of cocoa and its allies will you be able to have a complete view on Chocolate. I will take you where I have been with over 140 trips and explain step-by-step what makes the difference in the various ingredients, with no Sponsors to protect!

Research I will explain Everything you need to know about the technology, science and equipment to turn cocoa into Chocolate.

Analyzing all the aspects that make a difference. Appropriate to the size of YOUR business but also planning for its scalability! You may be small today, but if you make good use of the opportunity you will need to know how to scale your business.

Explore In this module, I teach you step-by-step how to create a PERFECT recipe! YOURS! How you can turn your cookbook from passive to active and generate the best recipes for Chocolate Chocolates and other specialties yourself.

Apply At the end of the course I can guarantee that Cocoa will have NO more secrets for you! You will be able in this module to find all the best techniques for creating anything you desire!

No more waiting for catalogs or party molds to do what everyone already does! But I will teach you how to make high value sculptures and subjects before and better than anyone else, but also truly amazing Cakes and Specialties!

These four stages contain modules, each fulfilling the training task and bringing awareness of the various stages of the profession. From the study of raw materials starting of course with cocoa.

The scientific part, which is what in NO course is covered for several reasons

  1. Not all teachers have sufficient knowledge to deal scientifically with Chocolate
  2. Not all courses are long enough to allow you to “waste” so much oral lecture time in the classroom
  3. Not all learners are able to understand some scientific language
  4. Not all students have the patience or awareness of the importance of scientific knowledge and continue to take course after course without ever attaining the necessary knowledge.
  5. It is not convenient for industries that produce Chocolate for customers(chocolatiers) to know too much about what, and how they do.

As you might have guessed we are talking about a real CULTURAL REVOLUTION! A new approach, of the subject Chocolate!

The cost of the course is €997.00 +vat to be paid in a lump sum.

A UNIQUE opportunity!until the sale cart closes scheduled for Saturday, October 27 at midnight

The World’s First Online Professional Course. The most prestigious!

 will be available for purchase at €997.00 + vat in a lump sum,  or in 6 installments of €197.00 + vat

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What you will have in your hand by enrolling in Chocolate Profession is a SYSTEM.

A PROVEN system to turn chocolate lovers into YOUR customers and increase your Business.

This is a great opportunity that I am offering you today. And it is offered at an extremely advantageous price. Don’t make the mistake of losing it

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Ask questions, and get answers, about how best to move to create to refine your products.

There will also be international students who have already participated in my LIVE course over the years and who will be happy to exchange their experiences with you as well!

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