New Praline Collection 2019 by Silvio Bessone

After months of research first and work later, I was finally able to finalize the collection that will feature boxes for Christmas 2018 and Valentine’s Day 2019.

I wanted to use fruit from my local area, but especially the fruit that I like best and that reminds me of the joy of childhood. Cherries have always been the memory of my grandfather Andrew, who as a child in this season would take me by cart to pick them in what for us was the “Vineyard”

The taste of caramelized milk from my Cows now grazing quietly in the spring grass. The intensity of freshly picked Raspberries. The fragrant Hazelnuts the delicate Pistachios of Sicily, then I looked back to the time that has passed and the scents of my travels. Saffron, cinnamon or chili. In the new collection I have included memories of carefree time!

Silvio Bessone’s new collection of chocolates

But considering that, many customers ask me,” but when you have news let us know!” I thought of doing more.

For the new season, I have prepared this opportunity.

If you would like to participate in discovering the unique flavor of my new collection and celebrate the Mother beside you, or if you just want to delight in this offering, you can sign up for my privileged taster panel. Send me your opinion and suggestions, maybe a combination you’d like to try, and if I think it’s interesting you might even join my “Gold Panel” That is, a select group of customers who try out new collections in advance and of course behind tasty rewards.

Unfortunately, the samples are limited to 100 kg, so I decided to make this offer only for these days, and on Monday I will proceed with the shipment.

But if it’s a gift I can send you a Voucher right away to give to your mom to celebrate. Where I let them know that at the address you gave me, we will send them the 2019 super collection on Monday.

I don’t know if I was right to write this to you, but with this e-mail I wanted to show you the consideration I have for the people who follow me and who love Conscious Chocolate

I’ll give you the shipping.

There will be about eighty chocolates in the collection at the incredible price of €49.00.

Treat yourself to the Collection now!