The secrets of the great professionals

Success is that intangible thing, which rewards you for all the efforts you have made. That feeling of having dedicated one’s life to something and having received the proper recognition for it in the back!

Unfortunately, too many people have worked a lifetime with commitment and professionalism and have never experienced the feeling of seeing their worth recognized morally and economically.What difference passes between a good pastry chef and a VIP like Maestro Iginio Massari?

What is the difference that passes between an extraordinary Neapolitan Pastry Chef and Salvatore De Riso?

How did Luigi Biasetto become so successful?

Do you know what convinced Leonardo Di Carlo to become a Pastry Chef?

Do you know the reason why Tommaso Molara found the energy to become World Champion?

There are indeed many professionals who have managed to make a difference in a world of pastry chefs who have struggled and unfortunately in some cases have not even managed to save their own businesses! But in common all winning professionals have 5 secrets.

I, who shared unforgettable moments with all of them, reveal to you in 4 videos how to achieve deserved success.

In 4 online video lectures, I reveal what should be done and what absolutely must not be done!

If you are at the peak of your working life but feel that you have not had the luck you deserve, then you can take a few minutes to find out what you could achieve by improving or changing small things in your daily life.

I often read that the crisis kills imagination, that taxes put people out of business, that people are always just trying to pay less, and many other stories. All absolutely true, but all you have to do is shift your gaze just a little bit and you see that in these times of crisis there are people who are growing disproportionately.

So where is the difference? What are the things a Winning Chocolatier does? What do those who unfortunately trudge do wrong?

In these 4 FREE video lessons, I give you a chance to see your business from the outside, reflect and discover what you can do for real and immediately get meaningful results.

These four FREE lessons will enable you to understand which side success is on. No need to follow the herd!

It takes having Awareness and a Method to become a Winning Chocolatier!

I have worked and studied over 35 years to create an effective one, and now I have decided to share it with you.

Some friends who attended the April 2018 Video Course.

Thomas Molara

I took Master Silvio Bessone’s online course, the best way to enter the world of winners. Learning without moving from home the secrets of the great masters is an outstanding idea. I recommend that everyone take these classes and devote the necessary time to their personal growth.

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Always believe never give up!


Federico Bernasconi

Good morning Silvio, thank you very much for this experience and this morning, I will treasure your words.

I just wanted to reiterate that you have all been really kind and helpful to me

It was an experience that added value to my person and my professional figure, I learned a lot but most importantly I understood what it means to be dedicated to work. Working with quality and passion.

the phrase “it’s the details that make the difference” I will always carry with me.

Thank you ,