Franciscan Sisters of Mbingu Tanzania 2016

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In 2016 I made two visits to Mbingu, with my friends Marco Bosio and Enzo Gaboardi. Lo purpose was to help a core group of Franciscan Sisters optimize and Make their Cacao project sustainable. For years they had been producing cocoa and They sold in “slime” or freshly shelled broad beans and still Full of slime ready for fermentation. The purpose was to help them get better produce their cocoa, which, in some places had severe infirmities. A day with them and their farmers served to ensure that they could benefit substantially from their cultivation. Secondly We wanted to take them to ferment and dry their cocoa themselves and then export it to the world. But we met Simran and his partner, people for well, careful and thorough, who were already applying good concepts to the fermentation and it was a short step from there. The nuns after six months, with those few expedients were able to double production, simply by Applying simple rules of good agricultural practice, without getting Suggesting by sellers of phytochemicals or pesticides.

A team effort

Mama cocoa has been in the cocoa business for over 20 years

Applying the simple but effective methods I taught them, they were able in just six months to doubling the harvest! You will DOUBT! Sometimes people do not believe the effectiveness of good practices, they think they need magic formulas instead often just the Simple common sense and respect for nature. But having twice the harvest makes the benefit distribute to the bottom, increasing the yield allows of being able to employ more people and thus more income for more families. This is the real development. Do not spend deniers to put in chemical fertilizers and phytosanitary treatments.

Little was needed to achieve this result

The benefit is for everyone

Of course when things improve, they benefit in so many, with higher yield and better quality comes more deniers and it can be shared between the property and the people who work in the field. If the work generates profit you can invest it in the field, buying more land, planting new plantations, in short, growing the opportunities For a lot of people.

That would already be a lot and also nice, but there is more. This cocoa being well processed, if it is processed well gives an excellent material for the production of Chocolate. The Kamili center run by Simran and Brìan Lo Bue in Mbingu is one of the places I visited and I can confirm that their work was already remarkable. However, if it is the details that make the difference, I am happy to have contributed in part to improving their work as well. Today they practice scientific fermentation on beautifully processed cocoa and I can confirm but I will discuss this more in the next article on Kamili Cacao processing.


Silvio Bessone