Journey through emotions in Japan

In February 2017 I embarked on my first promotional trip to Japan, an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the partner company I have in Japan and my wonderful collaborator Aki, we can say that today the Silvio Bessone brand is one that has established itself among the best in the world.

Chocolate in Japan is mainly consumed on Valentine’s Day, and no one can imagine what this holiday means to that market. Every Japanese girl gives at least a dozen chocolates or the like for that event, and to make the gifts they make conscious and targeted choices to the best producers in the World.

Last year, I was mainly at the Salon du Chocolat in Tokyo, which was held inside the capital’s most important convention center, in those three days thousands of people entered the salon and all intent on buying! ALL were directed to the booth and or the producer they have long followed and know well. My site is visited by 37% Japanese people and that is why we have some texts in Japanese and from this week my posts will be translated to give proper tribute to the international audience that follows me.

Silvio Bessone among the World's Best Chocolatemakers in Tokyo 2017

The World’s Best Chocolatiers with Silvio Bessone

Places visited in 2017

Tokyo (Yuraku-cho) salon du chocolat -Ikebukuro (Tokyo)

Tachikawa (Tokyo)

Fuchu (Tokyo)


In addition to the Chocolate Fair, I visited other shopping malls and met thousands of people and signed countless packages and bags. The selfies I can’t count are really a lot and I invite those who made them last year and will make them this week to post them on my Facebook page silvio bessone pure chocolate.

The experience of living in Japan has been significant, the respect for professionalism is unparalleled, every effort to satisfy that market is justified. However, it should not be forgotten that exporting there is by no means easy, and this year we too had quite a few problems with customs. Another problem is being able to produce tons of Gianduiotti, Chocolates, Tablets, but especially Rhum, Grand Marnier, and Marron Glacé Cuneesi in a very short time.

Silvio Bessone with his Japanese fans.

Silvio Bessone with his Japanese fans.

For the past couple of years we have also included in some Temporary Stores the Gelato Italiano that is a blend of ice cream in UHT made in Italy with the best milk from the Cuneo hills combined with my excellent chocolate and or hazelnuts from Piedmont and for a special flavor with Sicilian Pistachio roasted and peeled by hand in Vicoforte.

I am leaving Malpensa tomorrow morning for my second trip and I wanted to accompany this mission, which I will narrate to you live from Japan directly from there, with this nostalgic but very exciting blog as a good prelude to a splendid trip.

Silvio with well-known Japanese anchorwoman

Silvio meets Japanese VIPs

Itinerary 2018

Program for Japanese friends who would like to visit me during my tour

5/2/2018 Tokyo

6/2/2018 Nagoya h 13.00 Departement store Sakae Mitsukoshi meeting with fans and signing autographs

7/2/2018 Kagoshima h 14.00 Departemernt Store Yamagataya handshake/autograph

7/2/ 2018 Kumamoto sta. h 18 Kumamoto Tsuruya handshake/autograph 1H

8/2 08/02/2018 10:30 am Kumamoto sta.

12:20 Hiroshima sta. Fukuya ekimae close hand/autograph 1H

Fukuya hacchobori close hand/autograph 1H

16:38 Hiroshima sta.

17:30 Kokura sta. Idutsuya handshake/autograph Hiroshima

09/02/2018 11:00 am Kokura sta.

12:00 Tenjin Iwataya 13:00 Talk Show 1H

17:00 Nagasaki Hamaya handshake/autograph Nagasaki

10/02/2018 Nagasaki

11/2/ 2018 Tachikawa (Tokyo) TOURIST.

12/2/2018 11 a.m. departure for Milan

Silvio Bessone loves Sushi

Silvio Bessone loves Suschi and only in Japan can you experience such emotions

Any Japanese friends who would like to meet me can find me at the addresses and times marked above.

Heartfelt thanks to all the fans who allow me to feel a great thrill and hope I get by!

I also thank my translator for the timely and accurate work he does for me.1476732422369312